Beautiful and affordable gemstone jewelry

All profits benefit our soldiers because...
our soldiers ROCK!

Donations made to Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Mission - Purpose

Provide unique, quality, value-priced gemstone jewelry designed to enhance your wardrobe while raising funds to support Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Core Values

Quality in my product
Honesty and integrity in my word
Customer service and courtesy in my actions
Charity and love of soldiers in my heart
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If you see something you like, it can be listed in the shop for purchase
Special thanks to Canon U.S. A. for helping me with a camera repair at no cost which demonstrated their support of my efforts to help the military.  THANK YOU CANON U.S.A. !!!
How can you help (learn more)Anchor
  • Make a donation to SOWF and get a discount on Jewelry
  • Book a home party
  • Book a work party
  • Sponsore an event
  • Shop on line
  • Suggest a venue or craftshow to attend
  • Sponsor an on-line party
  • Volunteer
  • Share website with friends
  • Like or share on Facebook
  • Follow or Tweet on Twitter

Benefits of booking a party
  • Earn credits towards your purchase of R&B jewelry (10% of sales)
  • Raise funds for Special Ops (most parties earn $400 or more)
Benefits of hosting an event
  • Earn cash for your organization (5% of sales)
  • Raise funds for Special Ops (most events earn $700 or more)
Fund Raising Achievements
$23,500 raised so far
Many thanks to:
  • Joni Arrington
  • Rosie Bainum
  • Despina Bloxsom
  • Canon U.S.A.
  • Tana Campbell
  • Kelli Chementi
  • Peggy Flowers
  • Amanda Franklin
  • Taylor Hanson
  • Sandy Hinchman
  • Maureen Joseph
  • Brenda Keck
  • Leslie Kernan
  • Karen Knowles
  • Ashley and John Lowry
  • Terri, Lloyd, Christine McCullough
  • Bree Murphy
  • Michele Noggle
  • Rhonda Osborne
  • Tom Schmiedlin
  • Software Specialist (Ron Seibert)
  • Jacinta Synnott
  • Angela Tondra
  • Karen Trunzo
  • Jodi Valvo
  • Nota Zografos
  • All my customers
More information on how you can helpAnchor (go back)
Home and work parties
  • Parties usually last 2-3 hours
  • Jewelry set up usually takes 1.5 hours prior to start of party
  • Set up can be on a conference room table, dining room tables, card tables and/or beds
  • Packup afterwards usually takes 1 hour
  • Parties can be at lunch, after work or on the weekend
  • Hostess earns money off the purchase of jewelry
  • Parties are successful because most of the inventory is displayed and can be tried on
  • Great for those who live in the Pittsburgh area (within 1.5 hours of Leechburg)
Sponsoring an event
  • Similar to home and work parties but your organization sponsors it.
  • Your organization can earn cash rather than money off the purchase of jewelry.
  • These events can be very successful because there are many organization members inviting their friends.
Sponsor an on-line party
  • Maybe you don't have time for a home party or maybe you don't have the space for entertaining.
  • Consider inviting all your friends to visit the website and make purchases within a certain period of time (i.e 1 week).  Your "invitation" would include a code they would use for you to earn hostess credits to be applied to your purchases.
Suggest a venu
  • Do you know of a well-attended annual event or craft show that Robi might attend
  • Do you know of an organization that might consider sponsoring an event
  • Do you know of a place that could be used for an event
  • Help with set up before a craft show (usually 7 am - 8:30 am)
  • Help with take down after a craft show (usually 3 pm - 4 pm)
  • Help behind the table at a craft show (shows are usually 9 am - 3 pm)
  • Help with administrative tasks
  • Help with marketing tasks
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